Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mini Kits

     Hello scrappy friends...  It has been a while!

     This post is an attempt to explain how I make "mini" kits.

     First I must explain my process in creating a scrapbook layout.
     I scrap by color so when looking at a photo(s) I try to come up with 3 colors that stand out the most to me.  Most generally it is a color that the focus person(s) is wearing.  My papers and embellishments are sorted by color so when I'm creating a layout I can take extra single colored items from these drawers to add to the layout. I do 12 x 12 layouts for each of my 3 sons who are in their late teens and early twenties.  I create 8.5 x 11 for myself.

     I struggle the most with titles for my layouts.  My solution is to use a project life card, large word embellishments from sticker sheets and/or wood veneer.

     Now onto my "mini" kits...   This is a photo of my spring/summer drawer.
     There are 2 baggies that I'm removing from the drawer and put with my "vacation" box.  They are ocean/sea and camping embellishments.  Since I live in the center of the US the only time I will get to the ocean/sea is when I'm on vacation.  My parents are in the process of selling their camper so we will no longer camp.  I need to document our 2014 camping vacation yet so hopefully I will use most of what I have left from that baggy on those layouts.

     My first step of creating the mini kits is to layout on my table all the project life cards and sticker words that I want to use for titles.
     The second step is to add a small sticky note of the 3 colors that I'm going to put into that pile.  I know this sounds silly for some of you, but for me I can go through the tin of embellishments that are spring/summer related quicker if I don't have to figure out what colors I'm focusing on each time.  Also, I put the piles with yellow and/or orange in the first rows and anything with red I put into the third row.  

     The third step is to sort out each embellishment left over and place onto a pile it color coordinates with.

      The fourth and last step is to put each pile into a small baggy. 

     I place the "mini" kits into a box similar to a recipe box until I get my photos printed.  When I have the photos back I sort them into envelopes with the dates on them, and add any notes made about the photo(s).  Then I try to add kits to the photos along with papers.

     This process helps me become familiar with what I have in my stash, and speeds up the assembly of my layouts.

     Now onto my other 2 projects...
          Project 1:  Get caught up to the current month with documenting my sons and I.  I need to choose the photos I want to print from 2015, have them printed, and then get to scrapping.

          Project 2:   I have been planning to scrap information about myself.  When I read Margareta's email today... I thought it ironic that it was about getting to know someone.  Now that I have returned to my blog I'm thinking about sharing my made-up prompts, and the layouts I create.  If you are interested in following along or participating with me please comment on the facebook post I made linking to this blog post. 

      Thank you for stopping by, and I hope this "mini" kit concept has motivated you to create a few of your own...  Please share if you do.

       Happy scrapping...


  1. Thank you so much, Denise, for sharing your mini kit process! And for all the contributions to and our Facebook Group. I would LOVE to see your prompts and your layouts. :)

  2. This is one good approach to sorting out all those individual elements so that you will be more likely to use them - good job! Eventually every scrapbooker needs a way to deal with all the bits and bobs that are leftover from various packages or kit. I think your way will definitely save you time in the future.

  3. I loved hearing about your scrappy process, Denise. It is a time-saver for sure. Great job using your stash!! I would love to read about your own "upcoming" prompts. I always enjoy your layouts! Thanks for posting this info for us at SSKC!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, Denise. Timely too because I have a ton of bits that I should use but don't. Sorting them out like this might just be the help I need. I'd be interested in reading your own prompts too.

  5. My "Documenting me" blog post is up. January is 16 goals you want to accomplish in 2016. February prompt is to list 14 things you love. February has a bonus prompt to make a layout of a "leap" you would take if you had the courage. I apologize for not communicating better with the prompts... I've received a few posts that state they could not locate them through any links. I will be writing each prompt in words on my blog. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will get back to you as soon as I can.