Sunday, February 28, 2016

March 2016 Prompt Post and Layout

Welcome to my March 2016 prompt and layout.  This prompt is to document the "lucky" that you have...  My take on this prompt is not like the "love" list that was done as a February prompt.  This could be as simple as: lucky to have "quiet time", lucky to have someone bring dinner home and you don't have to cook, and/or someone doing a chore that you usually procrastinate.  Document the small acts of kindness that are BIG when someone does them for you!
You may have noticed that I have only documented 3 "lucky"s.  I'm sure by the time I place my layout into my album that I will come up with 1 more!  This "lucky" layout is all I have planned for March.   I do have a list of miscellaneous prompts to pick from if you would like an additional generic one for March.  I could do 2 a month, but I do not want to overwhelm you either... 

You could do an additional prompt in March for Easter traditions(I completed this prompt last year).  Easter traditions could describe what you do each Easter or you could document what, when, and where each of your Easter traditions came from.  Why do you still do the tradition? Do you want to create a new tradition?

Happy scrapping everyone...  


  1. I love the layered green hearts, Denise! Clever way to used stash! I'm enjoying your posts.

    1. The green hearts did use up quite a few of my green strips! :) Thank you for all your kind words on my layouts... So should I do an extra March prompt??