Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 2016 "LEAP" Prompt Layout

Welcome to my February 2016 "LEAP" prompt layout.  This prompt was to document what you would do if you took a "leap" out into the world.  This can be interpreted in many ways.  It could mean going after and describing your dream job, move to a different city/state/country,  and/or something that you would like to happen that is out of your comfort zone.  It will be describing taking a "leap" of faith to fulfill a dream.

This layout is my "leap(s)" I would take if I had the courage.
It is a very simple layout.  I placed the words "as well" at the end behind "classes".   It sounds better to me, but may be bad grammar! Apologies if this is the case... 

Great to get the "leap" frogs used from my stash. ;) 

Thank you for looking at my progress in my monthly prompt series I created.  Please share your layouts if you decide to play along.

See you soon with the March 2016 prompt blog post.

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  1. Awww! You SHOULD teach those things, Denise, esp scrapbooking! Loved your post delineating details re: the mini-kits- you CAN and should teach!! Loved the frogs-- and the way you left them a bit 3-D. Looks so fun!!