Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily 11 - 16

Welcome back scrappy friends...  I wanted to share some more of my December Daily pages that I have completed.

Day 11 -  While I was out shopping (which I HATE to do) at the mall I took pictures of Holiday decorations. The photos kind of make me feel cheerful today compared to the dread I had going on while I was shopping!  Receipts are for present purchases... 
 Day 12 - I took a few photos of Santa at the mall...  I will be documenting Santa memories of my sons and I from when we were young. 
 Day 13 - This will be a unique day to document...  So glad it happened in December!  I took a screen shot of my computer at 10:11. I am a numbers person so this was a lot of fun for me!!!
 Day 14 - My version of Warm & Cozy...  A quilt, Christmas socks, peanut blossom cookies, a candles glow, and a cup of French Vanilla cappuccino.  I'm probably watching scrapbook videos or Christmas movies (or at least chick flicks)... 
 Day 15 - We finally received 1/2" of snow.  I was beginning to worry we would not get any!  High of 25 degrees F that morning, and it slowly got colder all day. 
 Day 16 - I received my first Christmas card from my older sister. 
It is great to be caught up. :)  I have printed my photo for today already, but I won't be posting until after the weekend.  Hope you are having a great scrappy day!!!


  1. You are doing such a great job. You are up to date and the pages are just wonderful. I especially like the warm and cozy day! :) thanks so much for sharing with us! Sue

    1. Thank you Sue! I just finished todays page... I'm so confused -- what else should I be doing... I have 2 scrapbook pages to do this weekend, and I'm caught on my scrapbooking my boys. Laundry caught up, and dishes done. I'm in panic mode!