Sunday, December 7, 2014


Welcome friends...   I have 6 days of December to share with you today.  I'm so excited to get the pages in my book!!  (Kristy Nitro - 3. DIY make it merry - I'm trying to make all my pages "merry" and add DIY items.)

Dec 1 -  Since this is my first year documenting my December I wanted to make my first page about the reasons why I'm doing it!  (Kristy Nitro - 1. Make a list, 2. Page that represents you).  I noticed a word was incorrect "where" instead of "were" on 2) and it has been fixed... 
Dec 2 - We live in a very small house so our indoor decorations include a tree and stockings which I will document with other pages of my December Daily.  These are my decorations that greet you at my front door.  I like things rustic!  (Kristy Nitro - 5. Deck the Halls). 
Dec 3 - The Community has a tree lighting ceremony, parade, and Santa's Village.  I have never gone to the tree lighting until this year.  There is a small nativity under the tree that is lit also.  Prior to the tree lighting ceremony there are horse drawn sleigh rides.  (Kristy Nitro - 4. Say it with BLING).
Dec 4 - This nativity is located outside my church.  You probably can not tell by the photo but the building is taller than me.  (Kristy Nitro - 6. Anything goes..., 7. Candles{I used a tiny candle stamp located at the bottom right of the title card}).
Dec 5 - The stockings were hung... from the knobs of my Great-Grandma's buffet.  We have never lived anyplace that has had a fireplace so my boys have always hung their stockings on the buffet knobs.  I have never had a stocking to hang until this year.  I'm in the process of making mine. :)
Dec 6 - I want to document every year (that is if I do a December Daily again...) with a family photo to see how our family changes over the years. 
Thank you for looking!  I plan on being back next Sunday with more finished pages...


  1. Thanks so much Denise. I will let Kristy know to include you in her challenge. I'm glad you could participate. :) Yay!

  2. Fantastic! I loved reading all about your pages!

  3. Amazing use of all the challenge choices ! & girl I loves me some rustic decor so big kudos for your style and for going above and beyond , your added to my list twice...and I can't wait to see what's next big kudos and cheers!

  4. Thank you Kristy! I'm always loving the challenges!