Saturday, November 22, 2014

December Daily Second 8(9) Pages Done

Welcome friends to more December Daily base pages I completed today.  I will not be posting my Dad's birthday page.  That is why I put (9) in title.  That is for my info should I want to come back to my posts next year.

First Base Page:

Now I think it quite ironic that as I was making this tag for this page... Susan Hiles was posting the 24 hour tag challenge in the December Daily Inspiration FB Group.  :)    I can not say this tag was my original idea, and would not enter it in the tag challenge...  I scraplifted it from here.  She provided info on how she made tag at the end of her post. I really liked the pin that she added to her tag, so I created a pearl pin from my stash.

I will be putting a snowman photo on this page... Hopefully my sons will make, but I received permission to photograph snowman building from Mom of the children that live on my block.  That is my backup plan.

Second Base Page:
This is my sled page.  Hopefully my sons will go sledding this December.  My backup plan is to take a photo of my Mom's decorated sled.  The sled is what my siblings and I used when we were young.  I will add a title once I know what the photo will be.

Third Page Base:
This is my snowball fight page...  Journaling card with snowflakes is from Elle's Studio, and the "snowball fight" is a free printable that I reduced down so it would not fill the whole page.  The free printable can be found here.  

Fourth Page Base:
I do not decorate much for December...  A wreath on my door and 3 snowmen in my yard.  I live in a very very small house so our tree and stockings are the only decorations inside the house.  A simple page just to document.

Fifth Page Base:
Another simple page...  I made my son's stockings so I want to document about them.  It was a new tradition I started when my oldest son was born.  I sewed jingle bells on them...  and I'm not sure that will last in my book... but their stockings have them and I had tiny ones in my stash so why not use them! :) 

Sixth Page Base:
Another simple page...  about present wrapping.

Seventh Page Base:
I will be doing my December Daily for all of December.  The 30th I will be documenting about my "goal" I made for 2014.  This page needs more embellishment... I just can't decide what else to put on it.

Eighth Page Base:
And I always try to make at least one goal for the new year.

I'm a little disappointed in some of my simple pages.  Don't know what I could have done differently.

Sorry there was only 1 printable this time...  maybe more in the next bunch.  I hope to be back again tomorrow with another post.    


  1. I think you did an amazing job Denise. Lovely pages all of them. I love all the subjects you have all ready to go :) :)

    1. Thank you Moira! I'm excited to document this December now that I can enjoy the moments for myself. It will be strange to have myself included in this documentation instead of just my sons.

  2. I love your pages Denise...simplicity is great - it allows the photos to be the main focus.

    1. Thank you Roz! Taking the photos is my favorite part. :)

  3. Denise, I really like that all of your pages are so different then the others. It allows for so much color. So I have to ask, did you make that tag after the challenge began today? If yes, then you are in the challenge. Let me know. :) Sue

    1. Thank you Susan! I did not want to enter the challenge, but thank you for asking.